The Artist 

Photograph By: Terrance Clifford  |  Retouch By: Whitney Minthorn

Photograph By: Terrance Clifford  |  Retouch By: Whitney Minthorn

Wakeah Jhane is a self taught ledger artist from the Penatuka (honey eater) and Yaparucah (root eater) bands of Comanche and is also Blackfeet and Kiowa. The late Wakeah Hoaway (1914-2010) of her maternal family gifted her name to her prior to birth in their traditional Comanche way, meaning "woman who finds lost things". 

Being brought up in the Native art world by mother, Jhane Myers. Wakeah Jhane was always fascinated with many art forms, one of them being ledger art. As she attended many art shows she would go booth to booth visiting with different ledger artists admiring the uniqueness of their work. As Wakeah grew older, her passion for ledger art only grew stronger as well as her friendships with the artists. Soon the ledger artists she visited with became her mentors and friends who encouraged her to try the style of artwork. The late George Flett (Spokane) was among those artists who encouraged her as well, and said:


“If your heart is in  this work then maybe you were meant to do this. Maybe something good will come of this and you will inspire many.”



In 2016 Wakeah Jhane was invited as a demonstrating artist during the opening of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian in New York City for their new exhibit, Unbound: Narrative Art of The Plains. Her ledger piece titled ‘Blackfeet tipi’ entered and won first place in the 2012 SWAIA’s Indian Market Youth division of painting and drawing.  She also showed successfully at the Autry Museum’s Indian Marketplace, Heard Museum Guild Indian Market, Native Treasures, Santa Fe Indian Market, Indian Market Winter Show and the NMAI Winter Art Market.  

Family inclusion of loving mothers, babies and families are inspired by her own dreams of becoming a nurse-midwife, helping to bring new Indigenous lives into the world.  

Five generations ago her great, great grandmother Lena ‘Heva’ Fisher Myers was a famed Comanche midwife in southwest Oklahoma. Wakeah has also chosen to follow her path in her educational goals by specializing in midwifery. She is currently a pre nursing student at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada. In the Summer of 2015 she travelled to Oklahoma to obtain her certification as a midwifery assistant thorough the Mercy In Action – College of Midwifery. And is now on her journey onto apprenticeship in midwifery. 


 "I feel my art is my voice. The paintings I create are from my own personal perspectives, experiences and interests. My ideas, dreams and experiences are perceived better through my artwork rather than being spoken."